The pandemic was a shock to the system for everyone; hiring and assessments industry was no exception. The Assessment Centre industry had to innovate practically overnight, coming up with effective virtual assessment centres that prospective candidates could do on their devices at home.

But even after the pandemic has ended, the virtues of virtual assessment centres have not expired. If anything, they are seen as a handy alternative to traditional assessment centres, providing a similar level of benefit.

Virtual assessment centres provide accessibility and flexibility to employees, allowing the testing of employees in conditions that are as optimal as possible. This means that false negatives are eliminated better, and good potential candidates have fewer uncontrolled factors preventing them from performing at their best. They are also scalable: without the physical limitations of a traditional assessment centre, far more candidates can be tested at once. Finally, the robust analytics built into virtual assessment centres can significantly reduce any potential bias that comes with human testers.

Hesitations around virtual assessment centres often revolve around whether they test as many factors as a physical assessment centre, or are less precise. The answer to both those questions is that virtual assessment centres are not better or worse than traditional assessment centres- they are different. To make an analogy, one is like a Rubik’s Cube and the other is like a jigsaw puzzle; both are puzzles to solve, but different in how they are solved. The bottom line is: virtual assessment centres are as comprehensive as physical assessment centres.

At People Metrics, we design our virtual assessment centres as close to the physical assessment centres, but with the added convenience. Our virtual assessment centres are highly effective, bringing results of a similar calibre to a physical assessment centre. The expertise that designed our physical product shines through in our digital product as well. We are proud of the results we have already brought to clients who have used our digital assessment centre, and welcome you to try it out.

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