Our client is one of the fastest growing Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) in India, with the unique distinction of covering nearly the entire India including some of the remotest parts of the country with its vast network of branches.

Our client’s business revolved around funding the rapidly growing rural regions of India, with a young population hungry for better quality of life and wanting to grab opportunities that arise in a growing economy like India. Our client felt the need for identifying those within its managerial team who can act as intrapreneurs, identify emerging opportunities, take calculated risks, and execute the ideas to grow the business rapidly and stay ahead of the competition.

We designed a unique assessment centre that made the participants move to a designated small town and use a limited borrowed capital, identify a business opportunity, chalk out the business plan, and execute it in real life facing all the challenges typical Indian small town entrepreneurs face in setting up and running their businesses.  


Physically very demanding, cerebrally challenging, and emotionally a roller coaster was the experience all participants went through. It exposed these talented youngsters to both the opportunities that rural India offered and the challenges one would face in converting an idea to a viable business in such circumstances. 

The company was able to identify the potential leaders of tomorrow in its business and every participant left with an enormous learning of one’s own strengths and weaknesses when pitted in real life challenges and rich insights into the ways in which non-urban India operates. The program remains a much awaited program by the young managers of the company.

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