The search for good talent is a difficult one.

Many assume that this is because good talent is rare; that is true, but not the whole picture. Identifying talent isn’t simply about finding the best performer in a pool of candidates. You have to consider multiple factors: whether they are a good fit for the company, whether they have the potential for growth within the organization, and whether they can work independently- or work well with others. As Jim Collins said, “People are not your most important asset. The right people are.”

These questions have no easy answers, and vary wildly from candidate to candidate.

Nonetheless, finding good talent is important, as an organization can only grow with effective members in the team. When each player has a suite of strengths, together they create multiplier effect for the organization.

Finding competent, adaptable individuals who are a good fit for the organization is difficult work. It requires experience, specialised knowledge, and discernment. Many organizations lose valuable time and energy in the search for employees that will bring success to their organization.

An effective solution to acquiring talent is the assessment centre. Assessment Centres have the unique benefit of flexibility: they can be adapted to the client’s needs and measure candidates on multiple factors to find talent that will fit the client’s needs perfectly. By bundling all the necessary measurements in one, assessment centres provide a holistic measurement of each candidate’s capabilities and potential. Using this information, companies can save time and manpower while relying on specialised expertise to provide them with the best picks from large pools of candidates.

At People Metrics, our assessment centres are designed with this flexibility in mind. We understand that each business has different needs, and work hard to work with our clients and curate bespoke assessment criteria tailormade to fit clients’ requirements. We have over a decade of experience creating hiring solutions for clients that we use to create the best talent identification programs.  Experience, precision and adaptability are the cornerstones of our practice, allowing us to match the right candidate to the right organization.

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