One thing that every leader can do that can directly influence the success of a company is to build an effective team.

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to hire the right people, assign and provide them clear roles within your team, encourage and motivate them to drive performance, and sustain the team by celebrating the good work achieved as a team.

Here are a series of steps to building a strong team:

Set your own leadership style

Onboard individuals you can trust

Define your team members’ roles and responsibilities

Establish the company and team culture

Foster openness, trust, respect, and diversity

Celebrate wins and rewarding good work

Set your own leadership style

Before you can build a successful team, identifying your own leadership and working style is a must. Why? Because once you are aware of how you work, how your team needs to work with you, and how you can use your strengths to develop your team members, you can build a successful team.

Bring on board individuals you can trust

One of the most important steps in building a successful team is to have the right people for the job. Without this, the team won’t be effective or productive as you’d like it to be. This may mean a tougher selection process, but the time and efforts spent in identifying the right person are well worth it.


Define your team member's roles & responsibilities

Once you’ve got the team in place, make sure you define clearly what your team members’ roles and responsibilities are. In doing so, you’ll give them a sense of ownership, allowing them to set clear goals, know how they fit into the team, and understand your expectations of them. Make sure to play to people’s strengths to gain the most value and get the most out of your team.

Establish the company & team culture

Culture within any team, department, or company is key to success. Positive practices at work produce positive effects on employees; increased satisfaction with work, increased wellbeing, reduced intentions to quit, and reduced conflict within the workplace are just some immediate benefits. So, establishing a strong, positive team culture and establishing what is expected from your new hires is likely to have a really strong impact on the success of your new team overall.

Foster openness, trust, respect, and diversity

Encourage active listening, acting on feedback, showing appreciation, and empowering your employees with your trust. Help your employees feel like they belong by embracing diversity and differences – the feeling of belonging has been linked to increase in job performance. Create an open environment, where employees feel valued, trusted, and respected.

Celebrate wins and reward good work

Celebrating the little wins and rewarding good work boosts the morale of the team all around. A few words of encouragement is key to boosting a sense of appreciation.

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